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Did Your Lawn Take a Hit This Summer?

The mixture of hot and dry conditions so early in the year really took the life out of lawns this season. We have seen a variety of problems this summer due to the early eight week drought coupled by temperatures in the mid 90’s that many of us experienced in May & June. Although not that unusual for July & August, for lawns to have had to face this so early in the season forced them to use their reserves early which are normally used later in the season. This made it almost impossible for non irrigated lawns to hold up and survive the summer.

Many of us are now noticing this as we look out our window or enjoy our yards as temperatures cool. As we move into more mild temperatures, it will soon be time to start the reconstruction faze of getting your lawn into good order for next season. As many may already know the time to act is not next season, but right now and Cut Rite Lawn & Landscape LLC is here to help.

Contact us or call (919) 720-9233 for more information. You can also learn more by visiting our Chapel Hill lawn aeration and overseeding page.