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Maintain Your Lawn to Avoid Heat Stress

images (1)Heat stress is commonly a problem come end of July and August, but this season we are dealing with it in June! Extended periods of heat and humidity, bright sunshine and warm nights with no rain can add up to trouble. Warm season grasses may love these conditions, but cool season grasses becomes stressed, brown out, wilt and are prone to disease. The heat and lack of rain we are seeing this early in the season are cause for concern and may call for extra watering or professional lawn maintenance.

During the summer, grass utilizes the energy stored in it’s root system, sustaining the lawn but shrinking the root system, making the turf vulnerable.

It’s times like these when spring maintenance will pay off. A healthy root zone, higher cutting length and properly fertilizing all year round will better allow your lawn to survive the dog days of summer.

Heat Stress and LawnTips for dealing with Heat Stress:

  • Raise mowing height and reduce traffic off the lawn.
  • Water in the early morning. Water deep and infrequently, but be on the look out for wilt and dormancy.
  • Do not fertilize or apply herbicides during stress periods.
  • Do not perform cultural practices like de-thatching or aerating as they will further stress the lawn.
  • Be prepared for summer with a strong spring regiment. Also, fertilizing correctly throughout the year and proper lawn maintenance encourage healthy growth and help carry your lawn through these tough times.

There are many factors that contribute to heat stress and everyone’s lawn conditions vary. So if you don’t know what to do, its best to call someone who does. Contact us or call us at (919) 720-9233.

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